Akhir-akhir ini gw lagi banyak mikir ulang soal gaya hidup, terutama belanja. Bukan gimana-gimana, cuma beneran lagi sering banget denger kasus orang terjerat cicilan/utang banyak hanya karena tuntutan gaya hidup. Yaaa, gw ga sepenuhnya langsung tobat ga belanja apa-apa juga sih. Tapi seenggaknya, gw sedang mencoba untuk ga belanja yang melebihi kemampuan gw.

Gimana tuh?

Simpelnya gini, sekarang gw kerja di institusi pemerintah yang yah semua juga bisa liat gajinya berapa. Sesuatu yang udah pernah gw bahas di blog ini tentang trade-off. Gw harusnya sadar diri, kalo gaya hidup dan selera belanja gw udah ga bisa ngikutin lagi seperti gw dulu masih kerja jadi corporate slave di perusahaan swasta. Dulu gw single, mau jalan kemana aja kapan aja hayuk jabanin lah. Dapet bonus, sebagian tabung, sebagian hore-hore trip sepanjang tahun. Gw inget banget, belanja mungkin ga seberapa. Barang bermerk yang mewah pun dulu rasanya kalah sama kebutuhan jalan haha. Tapi kemudian ya kenal juga sama perawatan kulit (it aint cheap!) dan fancy stuffs (meskipun masih yang kelas rakyat jelata aja). Terus ditambah udah berkeluarga, punya anak, punya kebutuhan rutin yang perlu dibiayai dan segala macem tanggung jawab lainnya.

Kemarin-kemarin, jujur aja, masih suka lapar mata, iri, ga mau kalah dengan orang-orang. Apalagi yang keliatan di medsos. Bahaya sih emang kalau ga bisa ngontrolnya. Liat orang makan-makan cantik di resto X, pengen. Liat si X, si Y pake produk brand ZZ, pengen. Liat keluarga XY liburan tiap bulan ke luar negri bawa anak , mupeng. Citra yang kita liat di layar tuh kalo ga pinter-pinter difilter dan waras diri emang bikin khilaf sih. Itu baru sebagian kecil tekanan yang mungkin keliatan dan gw pribadi sempet rasain. Yah pasti capek lah (dan kantong jebol) kalo mau nurutin semua itu. Iya kalo memang udah mapan secara finansial dan ga kejar setoran lagi, lah kalau kebutuhan masih banyak ya mendingan gausah pura-pura mampu.

Gw sekarang berusaha ngerem banget kepengenan beli-beli tas, pertama karena udah punya beberapa dan itu masih ada yang sering nganggur. Kedua, ngerasa ga pantes aja gitu dengan penghasilan ga seberapa tapi tas mewah misalnya. Keinginan pribadi buat liburan, haduh gausah ditanya deh. Satu dari beberapa hal yang dikangenin dari masa single (no matter how I love and am so grateful for my family life today) adalah bebasnya mau pergi liburan, nonton konser, dateng ke tempat ini dan itu. Liburan terakhir kemarin beneran bikin sadar diri. Kalo uangnya ga ada ya jangan maksain liburan (atau beli hal lain yang ga penting2 amat).

Pengen banget lah liburan ke tempat X, Y, Z sama keluarga. Tapi dipikir-pikir lagi pantes ga siihh seneng-seneng dulu di saat rencana keuangan belum secure. Halooo.. ga ada yang bakalan tiba-tiba ngasi uwit segepok saat anak mau sekolah nanti lhoo. Harus nabunggg… Malu ih, liburan bisa fancy2, barang juga, tapi nyekolahin anak struggle habis-habisan. Prioritas bos!

Yang paling susah buat gw adalah ngerem pengeluaran untuk kebutuhan makanan. Kadang ngerasa makan enak tuh jadi reward buat diri sendiri/keluarga. Seneng masak juga tapi ya ga bohong sih kalo alat masak yang bagus itu gak murah. Paling ya sekarang masih rada jebol splurge di makanan. Shopping-shopping dan liburan kayaknya menyesuaikan anggaran aja. Sanggupnya cuma ke Bandung juga ya udah harus disyukuri dong. Malu seringnya sama orang-orang yang kerja digaji pas UMR (helloooo PNS gapoknya di bawah UMR fyi :p). Ya mereka bisa aja hidup layak dengan gaji segitu (tanpa mempedulikan faktor lain ya).

Gw berusaha pengen jujur tampil sesuai dengan kondisi apa adanya. Lebih baik lagi kalau bisa hidup sederhana. Salut banget sama orang-orang mapan yang tetep bisa low-profile, rendah hati, hidup sederhana, gak pamer kanan kiri, ya secukupnya tanpa harus mengumbar kekayaan dia kemana-mana. Mudah-mudahan tahun ini bisa mulai hidup lebih sederhana yaaaaa


Reminiscing my 2017

Another random list that also serves as my reverse bucket list

  • Baby girl’s first birthday and also her first plane ride to Jogja. Slept thru the flight.
  • Also our first and second family trip abroad. Alhamdulillah. I wish we could travel to all continents!
  • Went to ‘murica again! Saying hello to my favorite city and tasting what it felt like to be an upper east siders even if only for a few days. Oh, and finally stepped my feet at The Cloud Gate/The Bean!
  • Also visited Canada! Montreal, je me souviens.
  • Lots of work
  • Plenty of food too. Tried out dozen restaurants/joints and makes me love food even more.
  • H1: travel travel travel. Both biz and vacation. H2: I need some more vacation!
  • Return to Tokyo. This time also visited Sendai and Osaka (day trip, though). Sendai gyutan is not something to be missed. You’re welcome.
  • New phone! Finallehhhhh
  • Started drinking coffee religiously.
  • Finished Crazy Rich Asian series.
  • First mudik with my daughter. What an adventure.

That’ll be all for now.

To be continued later….


All my life I’ve been looking for approval. Approval of my decision, my behavior, my habit. Anything. Be it from my mother, from society, from friends. As a result, many times I felt like I lost myself. I cant even grasp the concept of me. What I think, what I actually feel, what I honestly say, what I would feel like doing.

I wanted to be good. But the ultimate question was and still is, to whom those “good” standard that I refer to? Because it was too tiring to try fulfilling other’s expectation of you. Scared to express my own thoughts, scared to be my own self because I want that sense of acceptance. That approval. That nod.


Few days ago I stumbled upon a short story in an anthology of traveling experiences. The writer shared her trip to Mandalay, Myanmar and how a tricycle driver made her cry because of his kindness and honesty. I did cry too. Either it is me being in a sensitive phase or the story was so tearful.

She went to Mandalay with her friend, felt lost, and the driver saved their day. Getting them to every spot on their list, even wait for them. He showed them his family who wait for him at home, he refused to lunch in a fancy place, he told them he still able to drive even though it was already late and he was clearly tired from cycling all day. Again I say, I cried so hard while reading it. Even for the second, third, and fourth time. Somehow I was reminded that out there, the world never lacked of sincere people. Rich or poor, sincerity knows no status. Honesty don’t belong to any social caste. Kindness, is always in every human’s heart. We ought to embrace these good traits even more.

I need to write this feeling because I rarely feel it. It was not something I admit everyday. I did not cry to sad movies, but Coco gave me puffy eyes upon leaving the studio. Cant even recall the last time I was touched by something (apart from watching Coco, obviously). It moved me, the softest part that I didn’t even know exist. That spot, deep down somewhere.

Just to remind me.. Jan 31, 2018

January 31st, 2018

  • Superblueblood moon. When the moon appear bigger, closer, at its second full moon this month, and radiates red hue. And also, total eclipse (not of the heart. Don’t even think to sing it!)
  • January flies fast! Whoa! Suddenly tomorrow will be the first day of February.
  • Davos. Well, that prestigious meeting in the middle of snow mountains (why choosing snowy place to meet in the middle of winter instead of sandy beaches in the middle of summer? That’s holiday, silly.). Every single time I did something related to Davos, I just can’t help remembering Eddie Cheng and the few first pages of Kevin Kwan’s Rich People Problem. Totally hilarious.
  • Daughter will turn 2 in few weeks! Weaning time! Hello terrible two~
  • Some decisions, some new stuffs, let’s just hope for the best.
  • Realizing that I need to shed those fats, soon. Low-carb diet or clean eating or.. whatever.
  • More walk. Use public transportation as much as possible. (Btw, is ojek considered public transportation mode?)
  • Embrace my own weakness and turn it into strength. Work harder, enjoy life.
  • Write some more.
  • Read even more.
  • Ah, I really need to take english proficiency test immediately.
  • Less emotion, more logic. Try them on a daily basis.
  • Enrich vocabulary. Yes, please!
  • Spend more time with family. Plan some date nights, maybe. Family vacay is on the way. Yay to that!
  • Federer won the Australia Open.
  • My father went through his annual catheter surgery check. Alhamdulillah.

Choices, schmoices

Life is all about choices. Preferences. Or whatever you name it. My daughter will be 2 years old next month and I dont feel like throwing any party. I prefer giving her birthday trips and that is our choice. I’ve been giving her birthday trip since her first birthday and I plan to keep that tradition until forever. I was never a party person. I dont like prepping knick-knacks, decor, surprises, those kinda stuffs. I like celebration, dont get me wrong. It’s just the way that I celebrate things maybe different than others. Nothing is wrong with that, right?

2018. Chapter 1 of 12

January 2018.

Rainy January.

Month of plans and plans and another plans. Let’s work for a great execution.

Still trying to understand the Terrible-Two phase and how to overcome it. Teaching discipline to a toddler is a herculean task, y’know.

Oh, not to forget. Next month’s main goal: weaning with love.

Also next month: family holiday. Better secure all that tickets and itinerary from now on.

New year didn’t feel any different. Just another year to live by. More goals, more efforts.

The year to contemplate about health. Few of family member got hospitalized last month. My uncle even had a stroke attack. Dad went on his 14th cath, and the result was so-so.

Travel plans for this year got a little ambitious. In a good way, for sure. ‘Murica, maybe?

Ah, I need to invest more and spend less. But what about traveling budget?? (My all-time confusion)

Declutter is my mantra. I didnt read Marie Kondo (yet), but it just feels like needed.

Haven’t watched Big Little Lies. Been wanting to since earlier last year, but, havent got a chance yet.

Home decor! But, with an active toddler in the house, that would be kind of impossible. Ha ha.

Need to reinvigorate my desire to learn, ignite my curiosity and to be brave to step outside of my comfort box.