2018. Chapter 1 of 12

January 2018.

Rainy January.

Month of plans and plans and another plans. Let’s work for a great execution.

Still trying to understand the Terrible-Two phase and how to overcome it. Teaching discipline to a toddler is a herculean task, y’know.

Oh, not to forget. Next month’s main goal: weaning with love.

Also next month: family holiday. Better secure all that tickets and itinerary from now on.

New year didn’t feel any different. Just another year to live by. More goals, more efforts.

The year to contemplate about health. Few of family member got hospitalized last month. My uncle even had a stroke attack. Dad went on his 14th cath, and the result was so-so.

Travel plans for this year got a little ambitious. In a good way, for sure. ‘Murica, maybe?

Ah, I need to invest more and spend less. But what about traveling budget?? (My all-time confusion)

Declutter is my mantra. I didnt read Marie Kondo (yet), but it just feels like needed.

Haven’t watched Big Little Lies. Been wanting to since earlier last year, but, havent got a chance yet.

Home decor! But, with an active toddler in the house, that would be kind of impossible. Ha ha.

Need to reinvigorate my desire to learn, ignite my curiosity and to be brave to step outside of my comfort box.


Life these days

Checking on IG feed lately has given me some sort of strange feeling between jealousy, empathy, happy, amused, like and dislike. You see some people crisscrossing the globe frequently, be it for work or holiday. You see people who actually get famous for doing nothing but controversial attitude. You see cute and cheeky children posing for the photographers but also at the same time you can see lots of post about children with special needs.

Sometimes it’s just too confusing for me to digest and react. I really dont know what’s my position if I only compare life in those little squares on instagram. On my blue days, I feel so insignificant. Prodigal child, happy family on holiday, successful career woman, people who travel around the world.. Some other days I feel extremely grateful to the point where I think I am so selfish and stupid for not being thankful enough with all I have today. One thing I know is, that both feeling can create pressure.

I am completely aware that everything I saw online is only a glimpse of people’s daily life. But still, cant help it. Pressure’s on, buddy.