Life these days

Checking on IG feed lately has given me some sort of strange feeling between jealousy, empathy, happy, amused, like and dislike. You see some people crisscrossing the globe frequently, be it for work or holiday. You see people who actually get famous for doing nothing but controversial attitude. You see cute and cheeky children posing for the photographers but also at the same time you can see lots of post about children with special needs.

Sometimes it’s just too confusing for me to digest and react. I really dont know what’s my position if I only compare life in those little squares on instagram. On my blue days, I feel so insignificant. Prodigal child, happy family on holiday, successful career woman, people who travel around the world.. Some other days I feel extremely grateful to the point where I think I am so selfish and stupid for not being thankful enough with all I have today. One thing I know is, that both feeling can create pressure.

I am completely aware that everything I saw online is only a glimpse of people’s daily life. But still, cant help it. Pressure’s on, buddy.


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